Poll results

Recent results to our daily poll question

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - We asked and you responded.

“Should Maine open up COVID-19 vaccinations for those 65 and older?”

We had 1,643 votes. 91% said yes, while, 9% said no.

“Should coronavirus vaccines be mandatory in certain workplaces?”

We had 1,979 votes. 39% said yes, while 61% said no.

“Were you ever on a plane that made an emergency landing?”

We had 1,423 votes. 14% said yes, 86% said no.

“Should Maine relax capacity limits on churches during the pandemic?”

We had 2,796 votes. 50% said yes, while 50% said no.

“Are you giving up anything for Lent?”

We had 1,153 votes. 13% said yes, while 87% said no.

“Are you able to work remotely during winter storms?”

We had 1,171 votes. 36% said yes, while 64% said no.

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