“Mutts and Music” event has it’s second year in Orono

Mutts and Music
Mutts and Music(WABI)
Published: Apr. 23, 2023 at 6:35 PM EDT
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Orono, Maine (WABI) -

It’s a beautiful day on campus in Orono and folks are enjoying the sun, the music, and the animals.

The annual “Mutts and Music” event was in full-swing on Sunday.

The fundraiser event is through a partnership of the Bangor Humane Society and UMaine band service sorority, Tau Beta Sigma.

Event Organizer from Tau Beta Sigma, Hannah Ferrell said, “We basically have this idea a few years ago, but COVID sort of interrupted that to host a 50/50 benefit with a one of our local groups. And our Director of Bands actually had the great idea to do with the Humane Society. What what our group is all about is bringing people together through music, we support the bands, but it’s we’re not going to have a band without people who support music. We it starts from, you know, the very beginning and having the community outreach programs that we have in our group has changed everything. It’s so nice to be in this group and get the rewarding feeling of just hosting an event like this and having you know, animals get adopted.”

Music groups from UMaine and Husson University struck a chord with two-legged and four-legged listeners.

Although, this is the only the second year of the event, it’s already become a popular place to be.

Bangor Humane Society Volunteer and Community Outreach Director, Chelsea Brown said, “Every time that we’ve done it, I had so much fun. It’s a really great success. It’s a fun time. There’s lots of music, the band comes in and plays, we’ve got a lot of groups coming in to do music as well. And there’s also just a lot of fun times as well as our animals. So we’ve got some of our wonderful dogs here as well who are for adoptions. So take a peek at our website, bangorhumane.org, for all those wonderful pups that we have here.”

And bands were not the only performances.

UMaine’s oldest all-male acapella group was also there to lend a hand and a few notes to the occasion.

It seems that tunes, pups, and Maine Spring weather is a sure combination

“So, The Maine Steiners, is an acapella group on campus since the 50s actually started a while ago. It was originally just eight guys exclusively singing barbershop music. And over the years, it’s kind of evolved to include popular music with that as well. It’s just kind of a win win win situation where we get to have fun, and get to sing, like good, good environment, good atmosphere. Lots of people here, can see all the dogs and just food and so it’s just a great time and it feels good to be able to help out,” said Steiners’ President, Simon Roussel.

Donations are still being collected for this event.

If you would like to donate, you can either send a payment through Venmo to Venmo User @TauBetaSigma-DeltaNu, or send an email to james.fletcher1@maine.edu