For Spring Break this week, curious kids are heading outdoors in Holden

Published: Apr. 19, 2023 at 6:17 PM EDT
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HOLDEN, Maine (WABI) - Although we’ve had some gray, wet weather lately, there’s still plenty to do outdoors.

Fields Pond Audubon Center has all sorts of activities for nature lovers, small and tall.

This week, kids are learning and having fun on their week off from school.

Manager of the Audubon Center, David Lamon said, “Yeah, so this week we have vacation camp for April vacation here at Fields Pond as we do for all the vacations, and we have a group of kids here, and each day we have a different theme. Today’s theme is water healthy watersheds. So, the kids are doing some stream sampling right now and looking at critters, and they were down at the pond earlier. And you know, we have different activities, they do hands on science, they do games, they do craft and art activities, different things to engage them in the outdoors.”

Cloudy weather won’t stop these little explorers from getting out into the woods and investigating their surroundings.

Daphne is a camper, and she explains what they’ve been up to this week. She said, “So we’re learning about pollution, and we’re learning about loons and different types of birds. I like having like the adventure and being outdoors and play games.”

In addition to camps throughout the year, the center offers countless in-person and online events.

From information sessions to bird walks, to nature webinars, the center provides many opportunities to learn about and experience Maine nature.

Lamon has been the manager of the center for five years now, and he loves getting the chance to bring the community and the great outdoors together.

“It’s been great being here the past five years at Fields Pond. The greater Bangor area is a wonderful community, getting the kids involved. We do programs at schools where we go out and we work with kids both in the after-school programs but also in school and classrooms. And then, having classes visit here as well. It’s great to be a resource for the greater Bangor community, and a lot of people just come here to feel it’s fun to enjoy nature and hike and just be outdoors,” said Lamon.