Bob Seagull: Jonesport store’s most infamous regular

Published: Mar. 1, 2023 at 6:46 PM EST
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JONESPORT, Maine (WABI) - Last fall, a seagull showed up at Moosabec Video & Variety in Jonesport that appeared to be unable to fly. When employees there tried to help, they learned that not only could he fly, but that he seemed to be putting on an act in an attempt to get food out of sympathy.

They named him Bob, and since then, Bob Seagull has become Moosabec’s most infamous regular.

“It’s like he knows what you’re saying” said Moosebac clerk Cheryl Tibbetts. “It’s really awesome.”

Bob Seagull is just like everyone else in Jonesport, stopping by Moosabec every morning for breakfast, and most days again for lunch. And if he isn’t served promptly, he’ll tap his beak on the window for service, in lieu of a bell.

“He don’t act like a seagull,” Tibbetts said. “I mean, I’ve fed seagulls all my life because I live on the ocean. None of them act like that.”

Scavenging for food is apparently beneath Bob. He won’t eat just anything like those other gulls. He comes to Moosabec for the good stuff; the wet cat food found on the shelf between the motor oil, and the dish detergent.

“He’s very finicky,” said Tibbetts. “I’d toss him out donuts, and he wouldn’t eat it. So I got some Fancy Feast from over there, and went out. He zipped right over and started eating it. I haven’t given him any dry food. Just wet food.”

The story of Bob Seagull isn’t as much an ornithological piece as it is about simply understanding the value of knowing where to get a good lunch, where people are happy to see you. Bob has that in common with the people who frequent Moosabec Video, and it’s why he’s essentially become one of them.

Tibbetts said she’ll call Bob for breakfast, but Bob rarely makes a sound when he comes for the food.

“He’s only said something once to me, and that was yesterday. Usually when you feed a gull, they’ll holler for others to come in. He doesn’t say a word. He keeps it very quiet.”

Yes, when you find a good spot, it’s important to keep it under your beak. It’s part of the unspoken code that endears you with the both establishment and the other regulars.

“I don’t know about the store,” Tibbetts said, “but I really love him.”