Downtown businesses in Ellsworth see boost in business ahead of Christmas holiday

Published: Dec. 19, 2022 at 5:29 PM EST
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ELLSWORTH, Maine (WABI) - There are officially five full shopping days left before Christmas, so if you haven’t finished all your shopping, there’s still time.

After a slow start, there’s been a significant boost to businesses in downtown Ellsworth, and there’s still a week to go.

“We didn’t have a giant Friday sale,” said Sugar Mags owner Sarah Bowden. “We didn’t have a giant ‘Small Business Saturday.’ It was actually kind of surprising, but the last week has been awesome.”

“I anticipate that it will continue to just stay crazy, crazy, crazy,” added Bud Connection owner Barbara Courchesne.

Business owners here say they’ve noticed consumers have become disenchanted with online shopping and are hitting brick-and-mortar stores more this holiday season, despite growing concerns over inflation.

“A lot of people have been shopping locally because you’re leaving with the item in your hand,” Bowden said. “Which is really great. Knowing you have it and you’re not waiting and wondering if the postal carriers will be bringing it on time for Sunday morning.”

“People are making, taking a little longer to think about what they’re going to purchase, especially if it’s a big purchase,” said Bliss Co-owner Scott Mayer. “But they seem pretty dissatisfied with online shopping these days. So, they’re happy to patronize local businesses and take their time and choose things that are better quality and have little customer service behind them.”

“Amazon doesn’t give you a hug and tell you that really we loved getting to shop with your Grammy, and that’s definitely the best part,” Bowden added.

Christmas on a Sunday means a full week-plus a weekend day- to shop, which is ideal for those who once again didn’t get it done early.

“That’s working out well to still be open on Saturday and be available for families, and for the last-minute dads,” Bowden said with a laugh.

“Downtown Ellsworth has a lot of variety of stores that people may not even know we’re here, because they maybe haven’t shopped downtown for a couple years,” said Courchesne. “So, I say get out and come on downtown.”