Heavenly Bean Bags in Belfast has been supplying seats for nearly 20 years

Published: Sep. 14, 2021 at 6:05 PM EDT
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BELFAST, Maine (WABI) - As part of National Small Business Week, we’re continuing to highlight unique local businesses across the state.

In Belfast one couple has been running a store since 2003 with the goal of giving you the best seat in the house.

”Having your own business in Maine, it’s a blessing, and we’re very grateful that we can do that.”

Matthew and Valerie Lecher are co-owners of Heavenly Bean Bags on High Street in Belfast. The name comes from what Valerie says she’s heard over and over.

“Everybody who sat in them would be like oh this is heavenly, or this is like a cloud.”

Their Maine-made bean bag business shares a storefront with their other venture, Belfast Signs & Design.

“Strangely enough it works.” Matthew says the sign business is busy in the summer, while the bean bags sell best in the winter.

They say they were the first bean bag retailer in the state. Valerie brought the idea up from Alabama where she worked at a bean bag store during college.

“They are designed to support your head neck and back. They look like they’re round but they’re actually more of a pear shape. They’re really a lot more like furniture than a toy. Depending on the size they can seat one, two, or three people”

…or seven of their kids.

“Eight as of two weeks ago.” Valerie laughs, holding her two week old son.

Running a business and such a large family can be a challenge.

“You don’t have time to think about it, you just roll with it.” says Matthew.

“They love coming to work with dad.” says Valerie. “The three oldest take turns coming in and as the other ones get a little older they’ll have a chance to come in.”

The Lecher’s want to thank their current customers for supporting them, and encourage anyone to come have a seat.

“You just can’t get a feel for them unless you sit in them, it’s kind of unexplainable in words.”

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