Hampden veteran’s timely flag folding ceremony honors firefighters that saved it

A Hampden veteran's flag folded again ten years to the day he was laid to rest
A Hampden veteran's flag folded again ten years to the day he was laid to rest
Updated: Jun. 10, 2021 at 8:39 PM EDT
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HAMPDEN, Maine (WABI) - A Hampden veteran’s flag has been folded again ten years to the day he was laid to rest.

This time, the ceremony also honored the firefighters who saved it during a devastating fire in Bangor last month.


Last month, we met Jonathan Tenney who lived in one of two apartment buildings destroyed by fire.

”I had the clothes I was wearing, and I had my phone in my pocket,” Tenney said.

He later learned several members of the Hermon Fire Department were able to save the military flag of his late grandfather, Herbert Tenney.

“The two things I wanted to keep when he passed were his flag and his dog tags,” Tenney said. “They went in and rescued the flag and put it aside for us, and that means a lot to me because they understood.”

Now, ten years to the day Tenney’s grandfather was buried here, there’s a special ceremony.

The American Legion helped coordinate a refolding of Herbert Tenney’s flag.

“Oh, it’s an honor, I mean to give something back so precious, so memorable back to the family in such a tragic situation,” Byron Oulette, Lt., Hermon Fire Dept., said. “In the moment, we were just looking to save a piece of property that would be valuable, and we knew that somebody wanted that piece of property back, so we’re just going as quickly as we can get out and so we can get it back to whoever was in that apartment.”

Jonathan says he was able to rebuild thanks to the community around him.

A moment in his life Jonathan thinks his grandfather would have treasured as much as he does.

“I think he’s looking down right now and he’s smiling with all of us. I’m just overwhelmed by everything” Tenney said. “This has been a roller coaster from that day to find out the next day what they did to rescue the flag, and all of it’s it’s been incredible.”

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