It appears no Maine Shrine Lobster Bowl game again this year, alternatives being discussed

MPA committees approve fall football
It appears no Maine Shrine Lobster Bowl again this year, alternatives being discussed
It appears no Maine Shrine Lobster Bowl again this year, alternatives being discussed
Updated: May. 17, 2021 at 7:00 PM EDT
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - There appears to be no Maine Shrine Lobster Bowl high school football all-star game this summer, although, they have yet to officially make any announcements. They are working on plans for alternatives and the details are being worked out. John Bapst Athletic Director Dan O’Connell explained this morning.

“We weren’t able to get on a high school campus where they would be housed for the week. The only way we were going to get to be able to have a high school football game is to have practice a couple weeks leading up. Where kids would come from their community to a central location and practice and then go back home and do that repetitively. We thought that was the exact thing we have been trying to avoid,” says O’Connell, “They would never ever want to jeopardize fall football by having something happen at that particular game with spread. If they left the community, and came back, and had to commute and then there was some type of outbreak.”

O’Connell wears many hats. He works on the NFHS sports medicine board, as well as, with the MPA sports medicine and football committees. He said both have approved holding football in the fall and are waiting for state changes in guidance to officially give the green light.

“Athletic Administrators, in particular, have shown that we can work together to make all sports safe and can never truly mitigate all of the risk,” says O’Connell, “So if you are gonna take a risk, whether its tackle football or golf, those risks exist. Let’s take those risk levels off the page, and let’s continue to do the good work we’ve done to keep everybody safe regardless of sport.”

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