Guite balancing UMaine men’s hockey program needs as he takes over as interim head coach

Associate head coach Ben Guite named interim head coach
Associate head coach Ben Guite named interim head coach
Associate head coach Ben Guite named interim head coach
Published: Apr. 14, 2021 at 7:39 PM EDT
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ORONO, Maine (WABI) - UMaine associate head men’s hockey coach Ben Guite has been named the interim head coach by the school, following the passing of Red Gendron. Ben hopes to get the chance to relive his playing days with the 1999 national champions as the Black Bears coach.

“It’s been really real difficult around here for Red’s family and the kids,” says UMaine interim head coach Ben Guite, “It’s our time for our kids and family to stop and assess the void that Red has left in our life. But, at the same time, also our program needs to keep going. The world of hockey is not going to stop at this. We have to remain competitive. It’s a step that needed to be made.”

UMaine Director of Athletics Ken Ralph echoed that sentiment in an email. They will hold a search likely starting next week. Ben will be a very strong candidate for the position full time.

“I am not hiding behind the fact that I am an interim. They all know I am going for the head job. They understand that our style of hockey is going to be different in our way of doing things is going to be different,” says Guite, “Maine hockey has always been about family and there are no truer words right now. The support we have amongst our alums, amongst our players, and amongst our staff, that’s how we’re going to get through this.”

Guite feels coach Gendron put him and Alfie Michaud in position to carry the torch.

“The men that had the most importance in my life: I put my dad first, Coach Walsh came in second and Coach Red is right there with him.”

He also expects to take the knowledge he’s gained through his pro hockey career and put his stamp on the program.

“You know I am my own coach. I have my own ideas,” says Guite, “It’s about the players. If they are in the right mindset, in the right spot for them to perform at their best on Friday and Saturday night, and they are all pulling together your style doesn’t matter nearly as much as the results.”

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