Forest Hills’ Desjardins joins rare company of 2000 point scorers

Less than 10 boys have ever achieved the milestone in Maine hoops history
Forest Hills Desjardins joins rare company of 2000 point scorers
Forest Hills Desjardins joins rare company of 2000 point scorers
Published: Feb. 24, 2021 at 9:41 PM EST
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JACKMAN, Maine (WABI) - Forest Hills star basketball player Parker Desjardins did something last night less than 20 people have ever achieved in the history of Maine high school hoops. He reached 2000 career points in a win at Greenville.

"It’s a simple as getting him the ball some times and let’s see what’s going to happen next,” says Forest Hills head coach Anthony Amero, “It’s just magic.”

“To be a part of a small group of Maine high school basketball players to score 2000 points is special,” says Forest Hills senior Parker Desjardins, “It shows how much hard work goes into it. It is awesome.”

Extra hours spent working on his game with almost no one else around.

“After practice every day it’s 500 shots,” says Parker, “My brother and I take turns. Then at least a half an hour volume of ballhandling. I love doing it. When I don’t do it I feel like I feel weird I need to do it every day.”

Desjardins started playing for varsity as an 8th grader.

“I was 5 foot 1 so most of my game was outside three-point line,” Parker says, “I feel like my sophomore year is when I really made the leap to play more physical.”

Of the 19 players to reach 2000 points, Parker becomes just the 9th boys player in the state recorded history to reach the milestone.

“It really its just special to be a part of that,” says Amero, “I think of all the things when I look back and I’m retired sitting in the rocking chair, I’m going to say boy I was pretty lucky to sit and watch that for five years.”

Parker’s parents got to be there to see it happen.

“They have had my back through everything. They have allowed me to pursue my dream of basketball,” says Desjardins, “Take me to Portland, my brother and I, Every weekend. Sometimes twice a week going three hours just to play basketball. I really appreciate everything they’ve done for me.”

Parker not only hopes to take his game to the next level.

“I’ve added like a mid-range game. I have the 3 point, I can take it to the rack with the big guys, and this year the mid-range jump shot,” says Desjardins.

But he’s been actively learning how to do it.

“Whatever it might be he’s been trying to do it in his games this year,” says Amero, “It hasn’t been just as simple for him as I am trying to get as many points as I can. It’s how can I be a better player.”

Even in such rare scoring company, the team accolades that Parker and the Tigers have earned together mean more.

“Back-to-back state championships,” says Parker, “I’d say that those what time to state championships are on top, those meant the most.”

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