Leeman trying to follow in mom’s footsteps through mom’s coaching

“She’s just always had a love for the game.”
Leeman trying to follow mom's footprints on basketball court
Leeman trying to follow mom's footprints on basketball court
Published: Feb. 16, 2021 at 11:13 PM EST
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ORONO, Maine (WABI) - Hermon girls basketball sophomore Jade Leeman is following in her mom’s footsteps. Jade hopes one day she can play college ball too.

“Hope to go to College someday D-1,” says Hermon sophomore Jade Leeman.

Jade Leeman grew up loving basketball and learning the game from former UMaine women’s basketball player Christy Grover... her mom.

“She’s just always had a love for the game,” says Jade’s mom Christy Leeman, “The intensity and just growing to learn, just constantly wanting more.”

“I was always at my sister’s games watching her play,” says Jade, “On the sidelines dribbling basketballs, practicing with older girls.”

Christy coached at Calvary Chapel before starting to coach her kid’s youth teams.

“She’s been working with me since I was little,” says Jade, “Everything that I know basically came from her.”

“Been great at listening to things that I have to say,” says Christy, “And really applying that to get better.”

Jade followed in mom’s footsteps to Bucksport for her freshman season before transferring to Hermon this year.

“There are always teams out there that are better than us,” says Jade, “So it’s like you got a strive just to be better.”

Her mom is an assistant coach at Hermon now too. Both Leeman’s are there to learn.

“It’s kind of like a math class that you love,” says Christy, “you want to get better at it.”

“Every game Jade understands all us a little more,” says Hermon head coach Chris Cameron, “and she looks a little better within our system.”

Jade has fit in with the veteran group of hawks.

“I can play down under, I can play outside, I can pull the post-move down here,” says Jade, “I can shoot threes, bring the ball up for you if you want.”

“Playing within a system and trying to learn our program, learn our sets, and find ways to score within our system,” says Cameron, “And she’s doing a good job with that.”

A Maine gym rat taking steps to follow those footsteps to a dream

“You know it’s my safe place. When things are not going great in life go to the gym,” says Jade, “shoot some shots and everything just disappears.”

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